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4 Star Umrah Packages

Package Includes

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5 Nights in Makkah

Al Kiswah Towers
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4 Nights in Madinah

M Platinum Hotel
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£445 *

  • Flight tickets are not included.
  • Visa are included.
  • Private Transportation Included (Jeddah Airport - Makkah Hotel/ Makkah Hotel - Medinah Hotel/ Medinah Hotel - Jeddah Airport).
  • 4 Nights Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers (Room Only).
  • 3 Nights Madinah: M Platinum Hotel (Room Only).
  • Direct flight can be arranged at extra cost.
  • Package prices are based on 4 people sharing.
  • Please Call: 0330 057 5899.
  • Note: All our packages are subject to availability.

Mataf Travels Unveils the Celestial Comforts of Its 4 Star Umrah Packages

Mataf Travels, Your Go-To UK Travel Buddy!

Greetings! If you want a spiritual escapade combined with the thrill of exploration and the serenity of religious fulfilment, then brace yourself for an extraordinary journey with Mataf Travels. Allow me to unravel the enchanting details of the August Deluxe Packages. These are our enticing 4 star Umrah packages, offering you more than the typical travel experience. Based in the United Kingdom, Mataf Travels isn’t just a run-of-the-mill travel agency. It is your exclusive gateway to a 4-star Umrah adventure that seamlessly blends exhilaration, opulence, and profound spiritual bliss. Mataf Travels has emerged as not just a facilitator of travel but as your trusted partner in crafting an unforgettable Umrah experience, with its roots firmly planted in the UK. Our 4 star Umrah packages 2024 stand out as the epitome of our professional commitment. We offer you a unique opportunity to start an extraordinary journey.

Our Umrah packages are not typical travel deals. These are personalised tickets to a realm where every moment is meticulously planned to offer you care. We ensure you a harmonious blend of excitement, luxury, and spiritual rejuvenation. You’ll discover that Mataf Travels is not merely a service provider as we probe the specifics further. You’ll come to know that we curate an immersive and transformative adventure for those who need more from their Umrah package.

If you’re ready to overstep the ordinary and embrace a travel fiesta, Mataf Travels’ Umrah packages are the best option. We not only offer you a ticket to Umrah, but we also provide you with the opportunity to explore a world where an ambitious Muslim meets luxury and spiritual fulfilment. Get ready to experience Umrah like never before in Mataf Travels way!

August Deluxe Package: Your VIP Pass to Umrah Extravaganza

Buckle up, my dear pilgrims! Our 4 star Umrah packages are the real deal for an exceptional spiritual experience. Mataf Travels has designed these packages with a 5-night stay in Makkah and a 4 -night stay in Madinah. We have Al Kiswah Towers and the M Platinum Hotel on our list. These are not just conventional Umrah packages but these are your VIP passes to a star-studded Umrah adventure.

Starry Stays: Al Kiswah Towers and M Platinum Hotel

Get ready to be pampered in style! Al Kiswah Towers is your luxurious abode in Makkah. This place is surrounded by the holy vibes and plush comforts. Then, Madina welcomes you with open arms at M Platinum Hotel. It’s a haven of relaxation and serenity. Your 4 star Umrah package is not just about staying. It’s about indulging in a starry embrace that complements your spiritual journey.

Visa Included: No Hassles, Only Happiness!

Are you worried about visa hurdles? Don’t drain yourself! Mataf Travels has got it sorted out for you. Our Umrah packages come with the golden ticket. You don’t need to burden your nerves in long queues, there is no paperwork headache. You’ll simply experience pure and unadulterated happiness as you step into the holy cities of Makkah and Madina.

Fly Like a VIP: Airline Tickets Tailored to You

Mataf Travels believes in giving you wings! Here’s the deal – airline tickets aren’t included in these Umrah packages. But guess what? We can arrange direct flights at an additional cost. You can soar through the skies with convenience and bypass layovers while embracing a VIP travel experience. Mataf Travels promises your Umrah journey in your own style.

Prices That Make You Smile: Sharing the Joy

The prices of our 4 star Umrah deals are based on 4 people sharing. Doesn’t it sound amazing? You can enjoy your Umrah with your family and friends. Our deals are spiritually uplifting and budget-friendly as well.

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Meet and Assistance at Jeddah Airport

Mataf Travels rolls out the red carpet as you touch down in Jeddah. Your Umrah adventure starts with a warm welcome. There is no need to worry about navigating the airport. Mataf Travels has got your back.

Private Joyride: Cruise Through with Private Transportation

Say goodbye to travel hassles! Our Umrah deals include inter-city private transportation. It’s not just a travelling experience but it’s your private joyride through the scenic beauty of Saudi Arabia.

Why Mataf Travels? Because Your Umrah Deserves the Best!

Starstruck Experience: Umrah with a 4-Star Twist

Mataf Travels doesn’t do ordinary. It’s all about the star-studded experience. The 4 star Umrah offer lets you rejoice in the magic of 4-star accommodations that redefine luxury. Al Kiswah Towers and M Platinum Hotel aren’t just hotels. They’re your home away from home. We ensure that your Umrah adventure is nothing short of spectacular.

No Visa Drama: Seamless Entry & Maximum Satisfaction

Don’t let visa worries dim your Umrah sparkle. Mataf Travels ensures a seamless entry with included visas. You can focus on your spiritual connection and make memories that last a lifetime. Mataf Travels takes care of the logistics so you can focus on your religious rituals.

Customised Travelling Experience

Mataf Travels understands that each pilgrim is unique. Our August Deluxe Packages are not a one-size-fits-all deals. That’s why Mataf Travels crafts your Umrah adventure with a personalised touch regardless of the fact you’re travelling alone, with a family or friends.

Pocket-Friendly Perks: Happiness Must be Affordable

Affordable luxury is Mataf Travel’s mantra. Our Umrah package prices are based on 4 people sharing. We make your Umrah adventure a source of joy without any financial stress.

Conclusion: Ready, Set, Umrah with Mataf Travels!

Mataf Travels’ 4 star Umrah packages are not just travel deals. These are invitations to those who prefer a blend of luxury and spirituality. So, why should you settle for the ordinary when you can jet-set with Mataf Travels? Book your Umrah package now, and let the VIP Umrah experience unfold!

Note – All above-mentioned cheap Umrah packages include the following:

  • Acquisition of Visas
  • Meet & Assist at Jeddah Airport
  • Ziarats in Makkah & Madinah
  • Full transfers: Jeddah-Makkah-Madinah-Jeddah

NOTE: Airline tickets are not included in the above packages for umrah. For further details Cheap and Economy umrah packages please contact us at 03300575899.

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