What we do?


Our main objective is to provide you with the best and most memorable service when you embark on your Umrah. We set out to rid your experience of any difficulties so that you may truly enjoy this prestigious journey. We make Dua and pray that Allah may aid us in enhancing your spiritual level so that your experience is pleasure-filled from the second you leave your home to the second you enter it. We pride ourselves on our passion to ensure that your journey is uplifting not just spiritually, but mentally and emotionally as well.


Our vision is to make the Umrah facilities possible, affordable and available for all the Muslims that belong to the UK so that they may revel in this esteemed duty. This includes:

  • Feasible and online booking processes that contain customized travel packages for customers
  • Efficient agent’s assistance
  • Best packages at economical prices


Our primary goal is to provide you with an exceptional service that will uplift your Umrah experience. We make Dua that Allah assists us in enabling you to have an unforgettable moment protected from all calamities and difficulties.

Journey of Mataf Travel

Every amazing creation has a brilliant creator, and here is Mataf Travel’s:
The person who invented and grew this business has a true passion for travelling, however unfortunately his first Umrah experience was met with a lot of trials. He learnt from this and was determined that his next experience would not be the same. Having succeeded in perfecting his journey, he arranged for his family and himself to engage in Umrah. Throughout his journey he ensured that he was in contact with the organisation that had established his Umrah package. He consistently gave them feedback and flagged as well as resolved any issues that had occurred.
Upon returning, he shared his knowledge with others and started advising other travel agents that dealt with Umrah packages.
Today, he has his own travel agency that specialises in Umrah packages: Mataf Travels.
The name originates from the area in which Tawaf is performed, called the Mataf. The sign for the direction of the Mataf is visible in the Masjid Al-Haram. We can have taken this concept and from it have produced Mataf Travels, the travel agency that can point and keep you on the right direction when it comes to your travel experience.

Why Us ?

Security And

We will provide you a safe travel assurance.Your comfort is our primary priority, and our main goal is to make you feel comfortable while travelling for umrah, so that you can experience the spirit of umrah without worry.

Competitive Price
& Price Match

There are so many websites which offer umrah services, to make us standout is by offering 100% price match guarantee for like to like package and if we cannot beat the price then we will give you £10 Amazon Voucher.

Excellent Customer

We render top-quality Umrah services to facilitate customers. Our aim is to deliver Umrah packages that are designed to meet all your needs in an efficient manner and to provide you with a relaxing experience in the Holy City of Makkah and Al Madinah.

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